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A.T.E.CONSULTANTS & ENGINEERS is one of the leading WATER & WASTE WATER TREATMENT Company, backed by In-house engineering and manufacturing unit at Naraina Industrial Area, Phase – I, New Delhi-110028, Where a team of dedicated technically experienced staff are working round the clock. With the most extensive range of technologies, products and services within a single company, we provide solutions to “Total water Management and resource recovery needs.”

Since its inception in 1999 , 'A.T.E.CONSULTANTS & ENGINEERS' and its group of companies have made their mark in this field by catering to requirements of various industries like STEEL, POWER PLANTS, TEXTILES, SUGAR, FOOD PROCESSING, CHEMICALS, LEATHER PROCESSING, RICE MILLS, GARMENTS, BOTTLED WATER etc.

In our quest to provide an ideal system to accomplish the exact requirements of our clients, in terms of quality, We emphasize on design, engineering, construction and after sales services as per the requirement of our clients. Our design & technology is not limited to special customers. Every improvement is applied to our entire product, insuring dependability and state of the art design.

'A.T.E.CONSULTANTS & ENGINEERS' is not simply a collection of diverse components and technologies. With a total solutions approach, we combine leading edge technology, industry expertise and full services to integrate multiple treatment processes into seamless systems to solve all water treatment needs.

ATE CONSULTANTS & ENGINEERS using its experience is providing a comprehensive range of Equipments for Sewage, Industrial & Domastic Waste Water Treatment Plant. ATE offers both utilities & process discharge solution wide Primary, Secondary and Tertiary treatment using Clarifiers, Mixers, Parallel Plate Seperators, Clariflocculators, Floating & Fixed Aerators, Activated Carbon Filters, Sludge Digesters, Centrifuges, Color Removal Systems etc. We provide you total services of system from concept visualisation to commissioning and industrial wastewater treatment & management system. The Company has expertise in CONVENTIONAL as well as new concept of PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL & BIOLOGICAL waste water treatment systems.

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