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Waste Water Recycling System

Waste Water Recycling System

We provide comprehensive solution for recycling of wastewater. In present situation the world is facing a shortage of clean water, recycling is very important particularly in areas having scarcity of water. The process of recycling helps us to get the most from limited water supplies. We offer a low-cost, environmentally friendly ways to create fresh water for industries, agriculture and other uses. Our effective industrial water recycling system is very reliable and efficient.

We are providing integrated treatment system, also know as industrial water recycling system for the eradication of impurities from the water. Our wastewater recycling system best caters to the requirements of the clients within the specified limits. Installation of our plants provides sophisticated technology within the minimum space.

We implement following methods for Water Recycling:-

  • Paper Industry - water can be recycled by means of membrane filtration and membrane bio reactors. (MBR)
  • Textile Industry – Membrane Filtration
  • Poultry Industry – Filtration and Ozone disinfection
  • Food & Beverages Industry – UV-disinfection and Membrane Filtration
  • Oily Waste Water - Membrane Filtration & Ozone/UV Treatment

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